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Produkty MEDLight | Produkty SAALMANN | Záruka a servis pro techniku SAALMANN

Produkty MEDLight


The N-LINET is the perfect addition to a phototherapy cabin. This mobile therapy device is designed for the effective treatment of hands or feet.


  • Real-time dosimetry
  • Mobile and versatile and easy to use
  • Reduced light spill protects from unwanted UV exposure
  • Device design enables an ergonomic therapy position
  • Electronic starters increase longevity of the UV-tubes
  • High purity aluminium reflectors
  • Acrylic covers protect the UV tubes

Available options:

  • UVA or UVB Narowband (311 nm)


Dimensions and Weight
  • Height: 134 cm
  • Width: 97 cm
  • Depth: 75 cm
  • Weight: 50 Kg
Power Supply
  • 230 V / 50 Hz
Power Consumption
  • 600 VA



Various hand and foot eczema (e.g. occupational dermatoses, including atopic dermatitis)


Psoriasis on the hands and feet, nail psoriasis, onychomycosis, pruritus

The N-LINET mobile therapy device was designed with ergonomics and safety in mind. To guarantee the optimal light distribution, it is equipped with a total of 36 low pressure UV tubes ( either UVA or UVB 311nm) in four individual groups, each monitored by UV sensors.. Hands and feet can be treated separately, and individual doses can be chosen for upper and lower sides. The electronic controller switches each lamp group off automatically once the desired dose has been fully given. For the treatment of knees and lower legs, both foot panels can be aligned vertically.

The bottom module is equipped with a tilt sensor that automatically detects the position, and considers this for the calculation of the exposure time. The different irradiation distance between foot soles and lower legs is automatically taken into account. The closed design of the N-LINET also has a significantly better protection against unnecessary UV exposure due to scattered radiation compared to open Frame designs.


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