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Produkty MEDLight | Produkty SAALMANN | Záruka a servis pro techniku SAALMANN

Produkty MEDLight

Beam Pro Series

The Beam Pro Series is simply the most technologically advanced photodynamic therapy unit available.

Red Beam

The Red Beam delivers energy directly and precisely to targeted areas of skin. This is the perfect entry level device to photodynamic therapy.


With the N-LINEpro, MEDlight has developed the state of the art full body cabin for UV phototherapy. A safe and reliable powerhouse that is everything you will ever want or need in a phototherapy cabin.


The entry level model for professional full body therapies. No compromises were made with this already proven design.


The OCTAderm is a convenient medium sized unit featuring actual sensor-guided dosimetry. This device offers effective treatments of localized areas of the body and even whole body treatments especially in small spaces.


The N-LINET is the perfect addition to a phototherapy cabin. This mobile therapy device is designed for the effective treatment of hands or feet.

N-LINET Module

The N-LINET Module is our small and portable unit designed for the efficient treatment of localized body areas. The special design makes this device versatile and convenient to use.

CUP Cube

CUP Cube stands for Concentrated Ultraviolet Phototherapy. This unique device opens up a whole new range of possibilities in the field of phototherapy.


The scalp is one of the most challenging areas for skin treatments as the hair interferes with the direct effect of UV irradiation. The PSOR comb however is specially designed to expose the scalp to the treatment by allowing deep parting of the hair.

Prodej a servis techniky MEDLight

Zajišťujeme prodej a servis techniky MEDLight.


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